The World of Erenor (MMORPG) Review


UPDATE (July 13, 2014): I hadn’t been playing this MMORPG very much mainly because when I’ve started it was still in beta and felt like it has plenty of work to be done. Since 2 years I’ve tried playing this game and written the following review, I was curious of how this game has been, unfortunately it appears to be shut down, I’ve even Googled the name to see if there’s any news about it and nothing has been showing up in the results. I have no known news at this time if this game will be revived.


General Description

Erenor is a new Free Fantasy Themed Text and Image Based MMORPG by Fire Glass Entertainment. This MMO is currently in beta. Everyone across the globe can login and compete with their friends. Gather Awesome items, accomplish quests, build guild airships, with your Highly Customizable Character.

This is another cool game that you only need a web browser, that’s it. No fees, no downloads, or silly plug-ins to install. Just sign-up and your in!

Graphics: 4 out of 5 stars

The graphics looks pretty good in this game. It is a step up from a few other Text-Based MMORPGs I’ve played previously. It has more in-depth background images especially with the changing pictures that are on both sides of the browser window every time the game loads another page.

Now maybe your rolling your eyes because it is free. You may think that there’s going to be ALOT of ads, right? Wrong! There are surprisingly very little ads in this game and no pop up junk either. Quite unbeatable how very few ads there are in this game. Kudos for that!

One small thing I have to say is that I’m not a big fan of fixed width websites. (I’m looking into changing one of my own blog’s themes because of it, but that’s another story) There is one thing I’ve experience with fixed width sites/games, it’s just that there is to much space lost and I’m finding myself scrolling down a lot more on these kind of sites than ones that are completely filled out.

More Artwork, Images, and other graphics will be improved and added when this game comes out of beta. There are future plans to add a feature to disable all graphics for users that have slower computers and/or internet connections. This feature may come after this game is out of beta.

Sounds: 3.5 out of 5 sounds

Considering it is still in beta after all, this game doesn’t have much for sound effects. When you find a diamond you’ll hear a fanfare. When your character dies, you’ll hear a short speech . But not much audio other than that. There will be more voice acting for important figures in Erenor such as Corinth when this MMO becomes live.

There is a Mute Game Option in this Text Based Online Game, so in case you’re playing and you prefer silence, like me, when playing these kind of online games, you can just turn it off. I’m not knocking the sound segment in this game but there is very little in it at this time when I wrote this review, so you’ll not be missing much in this MMO at this time.

Controls: 5 out of 5 stars

Like the few Text Based MMORPG games I’ve played before, you just need your Keyboard and Mouse. Not even sure why I even have this bit in this kind of review anymore.

Gameplay: 4 out of 5 stars

The Gameplay definitely has me interested especially the “Journal. The Journal is probably the biggest part of the game that brings out the Role-Playing aspect of this MMORPG. The Journal is where you will find a cool storyline that reminds me of the Choose-Your-Own books I read in school, “Turn to PG 100 to Drink Tea with the Queen of England” sort of thing (kind of like Radical Dreamers for Super Famicom). There are a few puzzles in here you must complete before continuing on as well, so it isn’t just reading and choosing which path you want to take. You’ll be rewarded Experience Points, Shekels (the in-game Currency) and a few other goodies by completing quests through the Journal. On occasion it will change your alignment towards good, evil, righteous, and a few other alignments while playing through the Journal. Unfortunately, considering it is in beta, the game does suffer from the lack of the storyline at this time, it’s like a cliff-hanger at the end of a good TV show or movie. This would be no problem over time, there will be plenty of quests and missions to come.

I’ll give you a quick look at the story. I don’t want to give away too much though. It begins when your Character waken by Captain Aran in a Public Walkway. Capt suggests you go to the church to get help but by the time you get there your memory seems to be completely erased. You find a bronze medallion in your pocket with a name imprinted on it, (the name is the one you chose when you signed up for the game) You assume its your name. I won’t give much more away, that will just spoil this part of the game, this is a big element to The World of Erenor.

Building your Character is like any other RPG game that is out there, you must build your experience up to reach new levels by completing quests and fighting other players. Shekels that you earn from fighting and questing is obviously meant for buying potions, new weapons, new armour, the workshop (which is a place to make new weapons and armour), upgrading Heart/Soul and other things you can spend your cash on. You’ll also find some loot once in a while like a new weapon, shield, and diamonds while questing and fighting other players, so keep your eyes peeled on them. You can always sell them for Shekels if you don’t want them.

The “Location” is another element I’ve seen before from previous MMORPGs, this is where you find other players that are playing Erenor. You can see who they are as a character, like who their race is (such as Human or Elf), class (like a Cleric or Knight), what level they currently are on, and what alignment they are (like Good, or Righteous). You have a variety of options when you click on a their name, you can send the player a message, attack them, trade with them, put a bounty on their head or ask to join their AirShip, and a few other options from there.

The “AirShip” feature is another interesting part of this game. It is much like forming an alliance and owning a mothership in one. The “Bridge” gives the overview of the AirShip, like who is the crewmembers in the Airship (aka Members in the alliance), where you are currently in the world of Erenor, and bonuses you can get for being on that airship. The Bridge is just the general info part of being in or owning an AirShip. The “Map Room” in an AirShip is the area if you want to travel to a different place (why else would you need a Map for right?). Just type in the coordinates or just simply click on the map where you want to go. The “Engine Room” is similar to another MMORPG game I’ve played where you have a MotherShip, which you can upgrade it’s weapons and defences, and here in Erenor you can also upgrade the speed of the airship as well. The “Cargo Bay” is what it sounds like, you can deposit you Turns, Shekels, Aventium, and Crystals, as well as constructing parts for upgrading the AirShip. However you can not withdraw your stuff here after you deposit them, so be sure that you are willing to deposit what ever you want and never expect them back. The “Missions” is much like your Journal, it is like reading a Choose-Your-Own book with some puzzles. But from here it does have a different storyline than that you’ll read in your Journal, so do both! The “Galley” is were you can find a variety of food to eat (the names sounds as bad as the kind of stuff people eat on Fear Factor), it will enhance your character in a verity of ways, such as increasing your Offence by 20% that lasts only a hour. But be wary, some of the food will also decrease another part of your character stats besides enhancing them in another way. These foods will become available after completing certain daily tasks.

Final Note and Overview Score: 4 out of 5 stars

This Free Text-Based MMORPG is still in beta when I wrote this review, so there are a few minor bugs, a few incomplete knots like the Journal, and some need of tiny improvements. This should be fixed soon. Highly recommend this game if you’re looking for something new, like to build RPG Characters, and like playing games with other people. I think this game is quite easy to pick-up-and-go especially if you’ve played a MMORPG before.

There will be a few Video Tutorials made for new players, so no worries in case you do need help on this game, and don’t forget about the forum if there’s something that these guides doesn’t cover.

An Easy 4 out of 5 Stars for me.
Written by Dillon Flueck
Link to The World of Erenor:
Published on March 23rd 2012