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Welcome to the reference page! The purpose of this page is to list the sites, programs, etc where I got the info I’ve gathered to create all 59 (and counting) ebooks. I will also be listing sites that I am interested in integrating into these ebooks in the future as well.

My goal is to simply provide something accurate so that players doesn’t have to search tons of resources in order to know everything on the game they are currently playing, so thank you to everyone that is associated with the following sites, without your work, it wouldn’t been possible for me to create these ebooks.

This page will be in constant construction, due to the vast amount of info across the internet. Also be advise, do to the constant of the World Wide Web, some of these sites may no longer exists.

Game Genie and Game Shark Codes

BS Free

Chrono Trigger SNES Game Genie Codes

Game Genie: Your Game is My Command
As you may guess, its all about Game Genie codes, but it also covers video game cheats as well.

Game Hacking
This site lists Game Genie Codes, Game Shark Codes, Code Breaker Codes, and codes for other cheating devices

Big Book OF VisitntX’s Game Genie Codes [Genesis Edition]

Old School Apps – Game Genie Codes
Downloadable Game Genie Codes in PDF format.

Neoseeker – Gameboy Advance Gameshark Codes
The 1st Gameboy Advance Gameshark Codes ebook I’ve created is based of this site.

I found a very short ebook of Pokémon: Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby Game Shark Codes, but the url is dead.

GameShark Codes for Perfect Dark N64 by SquareGuru
These are GameShark Codes for the Nintendo 64 game Perfect Dark. I have tried contacting the user SquareGuru via email for permission to add these codes to the N64 GameShark Ebook I’m compiling, but the email I have sent has bounced. Also at this time (March 7th, 2016) when I looked at his/her guide, it was last updated back in the year 2000, hence more than likely why the bounced email since it’s such an old guide. I still will add these codes soon to the N64 Gameshark code ebook and blog despite the fact that I am unable to get permission the for use.
Anyway, although these will NOT be the only GameShark codes I will be adding for Perfect Dark, I am giving credit to SquareGuru for a great portion of the codes for this game.

Resident Evil 1 : Gameshark Codes : Playstation

Video Game Cheats

The Cheat Attic

Chapter Cheats


Cheats Center

Cheat Codes

Cheat Code Central

Cheats Codes Guides
This use to be entire website on, well you know, video game cheats, codes and guides.
However now it just directs me to so this site that I got cheats from doesn’t seem to be available no long from this link.

Cheats Guru

Cheat Happens


Game Revolution

Game Winners
Cheats and Codes for a massive amount of video games.
Note: Since August 2016, the ‘Main Site’ is officially shut down. Worry not the database has been archived. More news in regrades about the cheats can be found on this thread.

Grand Theft Auto Websites
This is a network of websites, each one for different GTA games, here’s some of them

My Cheat Site

Neo-Geo Big List of Cheats

Super Cheats

Cheat Codes Club
This is a search engine for specifically video game cheat codes.

Project Links

3DO Today
All about the 3DO console

Console Database
“Console Database is home to a massive amount of Console History, FAQs, Cheats, Game Info, System Specs, Programmer Credits, and more. It would have previously taken several sites to house this much information, but now you can get it all in one place.”

Famicom World
All about the Famicom Console

Genesis Project
This doesn’t appear to be a active site, but I have found a freeware program a long while ago for what I believe is Game Genie Codes for Sega Genesis, and the link in this freeware goes to this URL.

The Cover Project
This project is all about video game box art scans

Gaming History Source
An awesome Video Game Youtube channel. Notably for their downloadable video game box art scan collections in compressed files.

Playstation Vita Cover Scans

Freeware Programs

Hot Game Cheater
This is a freeware program that has tons of cheats, however it doesn’t appear to be something that is being updated. I believe their last version was back in 2009. My only complaint (other than not being updated) is the “Sega” console, is it Master System, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast? I don’t know, but my guess it is for Sega Genesis, but don’t take my word for it.

Another freeware program, this one appears to be actively updating. My only complaint is the “Sega” console, is it Master System, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast? I don’t know, but my guess it is for Sega Genesis, but don’t take my word for it. Otherwise it’s an awesome program.



The Mushroom Kingdom

Discover Ebooks
I have found a Xbox 360 Cheats ebook on here, but the link appears to be dead now.

Info Ebooks Store
Like Discover Ebooks, but I found Nintendo Wii Cheats here, like Discover Ebooks the link appears to be dead to.