Kings of Chaos (MMORPG) Review


General Description

Kings of Chaos is very much like The GateWars, it is a free, text-based, MMORPG. The concept the game is generally simple if you have played games like The Gate Wars before, you must build your attack and defences up along with covert and anti-covert intelligence to become better. You can also be able to join or create alliance, to help another player to build and defend each other. Also like The Gate Wars you can become someone’s Commander or Officer, which will help in varity of ways.

The biggest difference between The Gate Wars and Kings of Chaos it that Kings of Chaos is a Fantasy themed MMO, and The Gate Wars is a Sci-Fi themed MMO. There are of course a collection of smaller differences between these free MMORPGs.

Graphics: 1 out of 5 Stars

Like The Gate Wars, it is very little graphics just a few ads, and the Navigation panel, and that’s about it. The reason why I given this game 1 less star than The Gate Wars is that there are ads on the right side of the browser screen when you logged in, making the game feel like the admins are nagging you to click on their ads, not like The Gate Wars, they have a smaller ad below the navigation menu. Kinda funny though how small of a difference can do to a game like this.

Sounds: 5 out of 5 Stars

No Sounds or Music is Ideal for Text Based games like these, it will be very annoying (at least for me). If there are tons of Beeps, Bleeps going off with music when I type a number and click on the Train, Buy, or Upgrade button, it’ll be terrible for this type of genre.

Controls: 5 out of 5 Stars

Very Simple controls, just need a Mouse and Keyboard, nothing much to it but typing in numbers and click on a button.

Gameplay: 3 out of 5 Stars

This is where The Gate Wars and Kings of Chaos is very similar, but quite a bit different. They are both the same to the department of training units to become Attack Units, Defence Units, Covert/Spy Units, and Anti-Covert/Sentry units. You can also upgrade your tech and buy supplies through income (like Gold or Naq). You can become a member of an alliance, as well as becoming someone’s Commander or Officers for the same reason as you do in The Gate Wars, to help each other to become stronger, and help fight wars. Attacking/Defending, Spying and Sabotaging can also be done with both of these games.

The differences is that the technology aspect doesn’t have it’s own page in the Kings of Chaos, I found it to be a little more scattered through out other pages of the game. I also found that you do need to buy equipment for your Spies and Sentry units as well as weapons for your Attackers and Defenders, where in The Gate Wars, you just need to buy weapons for your Attackers and Defenders. Also instead of training units to miners so you can increase your income each turn, you must earn ‘experience’ in order to upgrade your Income and Technological Development. In order to get more ‘experience’ you must attack other players or do a Conquest, which requires a certain attack power. Your Covert Level skill and Unit Production is similar however to The Gate Wars to the point of using your income to upgrade. Kings of Chaos also resets yearly and goes into a new ‘age’, so it’s like your playing a new game every year, not like the main server of The Gate Wars which never resets.

When you join the Kings of Chaos, you have to choose between, Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, or the Undead. The Gate Wars use to be the same way, you have to choose between Tauri, Asgard, Goa’uld, or the Replicators, but the admins of The Gate War allows you to customize the race you want to become, and you can think up of a clever name for your own race along with your user name, e-mail, and password.

Final Note and Overview Score: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

There’s really just collection of small differences like I’ve pointed out above between Kings of Chaos and The Gate Wars, but really similar to one another, so if you familiar to one of these MMORPGs, you will easily be able to adapt to the other MMORPG game. This is a pretty good game, I just find it a little annoying with the ads on the right when your logged in. If it was moved under the navigation menu like it is in The Gate Wars, then the game will be just fine. I personally like The Gate Wars better, mostly because I am more into Sci-Fi than Fantasy, and I have been playing The Gate Wars for 4 Years Straight and never been on vacation (it’s hard to believe I’ve played that long). I do
recommend this one if you prefer Fantasy themed games over Sci-Fi.

Written by Dillon Flueck
Link to Kings of Chaos:
Published on July, 31st, 2011